Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Operations

Enterprise Operations

Program and Project Management • Business Intelligence • Change Management

From large programs to small projects, Sapheiros applies best practices to cost, scheduling, and performance planning and management. Throughout the project lifecycle, Sapheiros diligently performs requirements and change management to reduce risk. Customer leadership stays informed with timely business intelligence enabled by Sapheiros.

Enterprise Continuity

Enterprise Continuity

Strategic Road Map • Continuity Planning • Operational Resiliency

Strategic roadmap designs by Sapheiros gives corporate leadership a valuable look into current and future business operations for functionality across situations and environments.  Through disaster recovery and contingency planning, Sapheiros accounts for the unthinkable to ensure resilient continuous operations.


Enterprise Security

Security Recommendations & Case Studies • Customer Awareness Building • Advanced and Persistent Threats

Sapheiros security recommendations and case studies alert customer executives and management teams about advanced and persistent threats. With experienced investigators and analysts on staff, Sapheiros provides clients sufficient awareness to address insider leaks and cyber threats.


Enterprise Contingency

Plan B • Disaster Recovery Design • Contingency Planning

Sapheiros contingency preparations develop ready responses to the possible failure of essential business functions and disrupted communications channels.  Sapheiros in partnership with clients, develop the necessary "Plan B" to ensure availability and usability of enterprise information during adverse events.

Contingency Planning